Voting September 2017

The voting period has ended and the winners are being tabulated.
Please check back for the Winners Thursday October 26, 2017.

Best People

Fitness Instructor

Alanna Doxtdator - Barbells and Baby Bumps
Alysha Williams - Holistic Health & Fitness
Andrea Hebb, Brantford Fitness Centre
Ang O'Neill - Core Dance Project Pound Fitness
Anita Trowbridge -Get Movin
Anja Hooton, Brantford Fitness Centre
Black Eyed Boxing. Andrew Armour
Black Eyed Boxing. Rob Rutherford.
Boxfit Roman Szlek
Brianne D'Andrea - Bod Squad
Bryon Davis - D & D United Martial Arts
Carla Difelice - Movati
Casandra Selinger
Chantel Russette - Movati
Claudia Zamorano Sanchez
Crossfit Durst - Jacqui Hamer
Curves For Women - Mary
David O'Neill
Denise Wayne Gretzky Centre
Diana Merkir - Fitness Training
Drew Hamer - Crossfit Durst
Elena Tonietto - Nu-U
Elite Fitness Team - Wayne Sutherland/Nicole Doumont
Emily Dwornikiewicz Moksha Yoga Brantford
Familylife Fitness - Krystal Schouten
Gerri Lambert Wgsc
Get Movin' Fitness - Anita Trowbridge
Gladys Knier
Heather Slot - Z Brantford
Helen Parkinson - The Fit Effect
Holly Black- Zumba With Holly
Janice Ainsworth
Jennifer Jones Movati
Jes Piccolotto - Movati
Joan Minnery
Joe Osborn
Joe Tolles Crossfit Durst
Josie Gratton, Brantford Fitness Center
Joy Dorsey- Bemoved Yoga & Wellness
Joy, Brantford Fitness Centre
Judy Gorham- The Fitness Centre (Ladies Club)
Jykine Bradley
Karen Redin Star Yoga
Karen, Brantford Fitness Centre
Katie MacDonald WG Centre
Kelsey - Movati
Kerrie Dennie - Movati
Kim Mascarin, Wayne Gretzky Sports Centre
Leanne Rutter - Wgsc
Linda Molenaar, Bod Squad
Lisa Roney-S.A.F.E. Zone
Liz Cottrill - Whole Body Health
Loren Butler - Movati
Mackensie Grant-Henderson
Mallory Milton - Movati Athletic
Marilyn Plant Wayne Gretzky Sports Centre
Marisa Moore - The Fit Effect
Markus Schneider Moksha Yoga Brantford
Martha Atkin Moksha Yoga Brantford
Mary Dinner
Meaghan Murray- Studio 12 Fitness
Meaghan van Pypen
Melanie Ely-Wgsc
Melissa Truman -The Fitness Centre (Ladies Club)
Michael Petrella - STG Strength and Power
Michelle Evans
Mim- Movati
Natural Path Health and Fitness- Stephanie Bennett
Nelson Sousa Real Fit Training Centre
Nick Hayward-The Fit Effect
Rachel Senko Moksha Yoga Brantford
Realfit-Nelson Sousa
Robyn Cadwell - The Fit Effect
Ron Mourra
S.A.F.E. Zone - Lisa Roney
Sandy G
Sandy Gibbs
Sara Free Movati
Sara Wayne Gretzky Centre
Sarah van der Westen - Movati
Shannon Davis - Brantford Ymca
Shawn Cloet, Crossfit Brantford
Shelley Brown
Sue Spence, Spence Fitness
Tammi Fortin
Tanner Gawley-The Fit Effect
Terri Carson - Z305 West
Todd Whetter - Caged Dragon
Tracy Fuch - Fitness Today For A Healthy Tomorrow
Tracy Laczko, Wayne Gretzky Sports Centre
Trey Manning - Crossfit Durst
Trish Lindsay
Tucker Hofstetter Of The Fit Effect
Vanessa Henderson Moksha Yoga Brantford
Wanda Rowe Trainer Instructor Simcoe Ontario
Wendy Dwornikiewicz Moksha Yoga Brantford
Wendy Geick - Movati
Yoga At Ohm Sandy Zavarella
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